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Why Plastic?

In nearly every measure, polyethylene and polypropylene outperform wood pallets and crates. Plastic pallets:

  • Don’t harbor pests or bacteria, making them ideal for shipping agricultural, pharmaceutical and healthcare products and crossing international boundaries
  • Don’t decay in wet climates and offer protection from moisture
  • Are lighter in weight, making them easier to handle for worker safety and more cost-effective to transport
  • Are better for on-site housekeeping, with no expendable items for disposal
  • Have a longer life cycle, making them more cost-effective
  • Can be customized with logos or other identifying information for effective branding
  • Are better suited to use with retractable “seat belt” straps — eliminating the metal or plastic strapping responsible for many injuries
  • Are reusable

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To find out how much plastic pallets can save you, use our calculator. Then let’s discuss how plastic packaging can be perfect for your application.