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Plastic Pallets for Retail

If you’re a retailer, selling goods is only a small part of your job — and usually it’s the easiest part. Your success also depends on efficiency in the behind-the-scenes operations: shipping and receiving, warehousing and display.

Thermoformed packaging and pallets from Robinson Industries can help you squeeze greater results from these key areas of operation.

  • Lighter weight makes stocking easier, safer and faster for store personnel
  • Custom colors simplify organization and inventory management and help brand your organization
  • Greater durability and attractiveness make them suitable for retail display, reducing manual stocking
  • Stackable, nestable and reusable, they take less floor space once unloaded
  • Custom designs offer better protection for products
  • They don’t harbor pests or bacteria


We can help you come up with the plastic dunnage and packaging that’s perfect for your retail operation. Contact us so we can get to work.