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Introducing: The Gen2! - Robinson Industries

I’ve wanted to talk about our latest and greatest pallet for a few months now but our engineers and R&D people have kept a lid on this blogger until they hit perfection.

We are 100% satisfied now that the industry will love this pallet and we are finally ready to share it with everyone! Currently, we are in our first run of this product that we are calling the Gen2 pallet.

Like its predecessor, the Gen2 measures 45" x 48" inner dimension, is made of durable high density polyethylene and offers the option of four seat belts to use in place of banding. Other industry standards such as robotic pick up holes and labeling options are design features as well.

But here is the really exciting part and why we’ve worked so hard on this project. This pallet handles the same load as the original but weighs almost 25% less! As you know, this means potential savings on shipping, improved ergonomics and greater ease of use for your operation.

So for everyone in the industry faced with dilemmas such as “how do I make my material handling more ergonomic” or “if only I could find a pallet that weighs less but performs just as well as this old heavy one” this is your lucky day. We have the answers to all of your pallet woes. Just give us a call here at Robinson Industries and we’ll get you ready to start this spring season on the right logistics track.


Ronda Robinson Ronda Robinson Marketing Manager

The granddaughter of company founders Fred and Ardis Robinson, Ronda Robinson is committed to growing the family business. An employee since 1981, Ronda began her career at Robinson Industries in sales and now works as the company’s marketing manager. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Central Michigan University and a master’s degree in labor and industrial relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.