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“Why Wood You?” as you may recall, is the name of our blog. Originally, it was a play on words because plastic often replaces wood in updated packaging systems. Also, “why ‘would’ you?” use other materials when plastic is the smart choice for improving your bottom line and being environmentally friendly?

Another way to use this phrase came to mind today. Why “wood” you wait so long to write the next blog post, Ronda? Happily, I can say we have been very busy at Robinson Industries and writing my next post may have slipped between the cracks. More and more industries are converting to plastic for their packaging needs and many of them are coming to Robinson Industries because of our excellent reputation and high level of expertise in the constantly evolving returnable packaging world.

Agriculture is one of those industries embracing the shift from expendables to returnables. We are quoting some very exciting projects in this industry. I’ll share some details about these projects in a future post.

I just came across an interesting case study of a farm in California that won the Reusable Packaging Association award in 2014. They replaced waxed cardboard boxes with reusable plastic totes and lids. The totes are used to deliver food to families and farmers markets in the area. This company is saving over 8% each year in their packaging costs. The savings will continue every year these totes are in service. Plus, they’re helping the environment by reducing cardboard waste sent to the landfill. Over six tons of waste per year is being saved from this relatively small operation!

What is your industry? Can we help you save money in your operations with some plastic pallets, totes or custom designed trays? Go ahead, contact us and see what we can do for you. I want to be too busy to write another blog post for a while!


Ronda Robinson Ronda Robinson Marketing Manager

The granddaughter of company founders Fred and Ardis Robinson, Ronda Robinson is committed to growing the family business. An employee since 1981, Ronda began her career at Robinson Industries in sales and now works as the company’s marketing manager. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Central Michigan University and a master’s degree in labor and industrial relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.