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Retailer Saves Money with Robinson Totes - Robinson Industries

The world of retail is about to get more organized, efficient and profitable thanks to custom reusable plastic packaging solutions from Robinson Industries. We recently solved a major retailer’s problem of how to best handle their products within their warehouses and distribution centers.

After much thought and research, plastic pallets and totes were found to be the most economical and effective method of handling their merchandise.

Here are SOME of the advantages achieved when using plastic instead of wood and corrugated.

  • Lighter weight improves ergonomics.
  • Many colors available for branding and identification.
  • Much longer life expectancy than wood saving you money.
  • Plastic doesn’t absorb moisture or harbor pests and bacteria.
  • Plastic stacks higher because of consistency and stability.
  • Plastic protects products better. No nails or broken boards to damage products.
  • Easy to label with RFID.
  • Easier to use with automation which requires repeatability.
  • Better housekeeping appearance. No expendables waiting to go to the landfill.
  • 100% recyclable feature helps achieve environmental goals.
  • No disposal fees. Plastic pallets are recyclable and have value if no longer needed.
  • Space saving. Many pallets and totes are nestable.
  • ROI is quickly achieved.
  • Attractive appearance in warehouses, distribution centers and even retail spaces.

Give us a call. Let’s talk about your unique challenges with transporting your products whether it’s in-house or between suppliers and distribution centers, or between distribution centers and your stores. We have some great ideas that are working well for other companies in the retail world.


Ronda Robinson Ronda Robinson Marketing Manager

The granddaughter of company founders Fred and Ardis Robinson, Ronda Robinson is committed to growing the family business. An employee since 1981, Ronda began her career at Robinson Industries in sales and now works as the company’s marketing manager. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Central Michigan University and a master’s degree in labor and industrial relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.